Jakub Stritezsky

As a teenager, I was fascinated by the notion of energy and meditation. I began reading books by Osho, Castaneda as well as Tolkien and other fantasy novels. I knew there is more to life than I was able to live out and was searching for ways to be in my power. Yet I didn't know how.

My search led me to Tai-Chi, meditation, family constellations, shamanic ceremonies, NLP and all kinds of therapy and personal development modalities. Yet none of these modalities fundamentally changed my reality or opened the possibilities I knew were there.

I was looking for “something” that could ground me in life. And when I first saw my Human Design bodygraph, I just knew that I need to find out more about “it”. I had my reading straight away and enrolled in Living Your Design course.

Years of Professional Experience
Seminars & Courses

Within few months, I was clear that I want to be a Professional Analyst, so I continued onward with the educational & certification process. I went through all the courses twice: first with Lynda Bunnel of IHDS and the second time with Genoa Bliven of Human Design America. 

I was amazed how deep and true this system is. How it helped me to be more grounded, more OK. Human Design doesn’t tell me how to live, but points towards my own truth so I can follow its guidance in anything I do.

After a period of living abroad, I came back home (Prague, Czech Republic) and started doing readings.

I became the messenger of Human Design in Czech & Slovak Republic, popularizing it through public talks, magazine and TV interviews. I became certified to teach Living Your Design course and Genoa Bliven, Director of Human Design America, became my mentor and friend.

Genoa came to Czech Republic four times to lead live seminar. I have been translating his courses and later teaching them myself, live in  Cech Republic and online for Human Design America.

I have done over 3500 readings and guided over 500 students through the LYD course. I am also teaching other courses besides LYD, including the Professional Training Program for Analysts (PTL). Some of my students already became certified HD professionals.

From the nature of my own design, my emphasis in the course is on empowering and supporting you in applying the HD information in your everyday life.

I am a 2/4 Manifesting Generator on the cross of Sleeping Phoenix, born on 21st of February 1976 at 04:25 am in Litomerice, Czech Republic.

To get a sense of Jakub's style, watch his presentation
at the Rave Marathon online even from 2021

Jakub's Human Design chart