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February 3rd - March  24th, 2021

The course includes 8 x 90 min online classes
and over 5 hrs of pre-recorded lessons (in Members area of this web).

First online class takes place on February  3rd, 2022 (see schedule)
Classes happen on Thursdays at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 5 pm UTC / 7 pm Central European

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading & Living Your Design

Welcoming message from Jakub Stritezsky

Course introduction with Jakub Stritezsky

Welcoming message from Jakub Stritezsky

Course introduction with Jakub Stritezsky

The Living Your Design course introduces many topics along with the Human Design System as a whole.

On the other hand, Rave ABC focuses exclusively on three topics:

A - Conscious and unconscious activations (Personality & Design) - covered in the 1st Lesson & Class
B - Hexagram Structure: lines 1-6, their values and frequency, harmonies and resonances
C - Circuitry: three Circuit Groups and their keynotes

This course brings a personal understanding of one’s design. You will learn to see the bodygraph as a map of awareness and trace how energy flows through streams (circuits). You will also expand your vocabulary to communicate basic yet empowering keynotes to others about their own design. Keynoting is a delicate art of weaving together and unlocking the key aspects of a design. This is the beginning of the chart analysis process, which takes place on a deeper level in the subsequent Professional training.

With an emphasis on working with your own chart and sharing personal experiences, classes are conducted in a safe and warm atmosphere to facilitate breakthroughs in your personal processes. With examples and exercises being demonstrated on the charts of participants, you will then be able to apply and integrate your learnings into your every-day life.


Illustrations from the course


Circuit groups make up three energetic streams within the bodygraph. Each circuit group consists of a series of gates and channels. Each circuit group also has its main keynote.

In this ABC course with Human Design School, we spend a class on each circuit group, where you will practice naming and keynoting your circuitry activations. This will give you a deeper understanding of your design, its tendencies and over-all flavor of expression - as well as gaining insights for the designs of others.


Every individual activation (gate) has a potential to empower. When you function in alignment with your strategy and authority, individual activations bring change that results in you being more in your power. For example, a person with an activated gate 43 (Insight / Breakthrough, Ajna center) can empower oneself and others by their breakthrough insights that change the way of thinking about something.

Individuality is primarily oriented towards empowering itself and only secondarily towards empowering others.

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Every Collective activation (gate) has a potential to share. For example, a person with an activated gate 18 (Correction / Work on that which has been spoilt, Splenic center) can share the awareness of what needs to be corrected, eg. provide constructive criticism on where there is a flaw in the pattern.

Collective energy is primarily oriented towards others and assumes that other will want to listen to what it has to say.


Every Tribal activation (gate) has a potential to support. For example, a person with an activated gate 19 (Wanting / Approach, Root center) can support others in getting what then need and in turn, be supported by them in getting their own needs met.

Tribal support is a two-way street and there can be a lot of “bad blood” if one supports but doesn’t get supported back.


For example, if you are predominantly Collective and want to share, but your partner is predominantly Individual and doesn’t want to listen to your sharing, as much as they are willing to empower you (or support you in case of Tribal predominance), knowing this dynamic can bring more acceptance and deepen your connection.

Knowing your predominant circuitry is very helpful in relating to others.


Study of lines and their values will open you up to a whole new dimension in understanding the Human Design. Each gate is an I-Ching hexagram and as such consists of 6 lines. The position of planets doesn’t activate the gate as a whole, but rather the gate in a particular line. This means that each line represents a specific expression of a gate. You can think about gate as a musical octave and line as individual tones.

On the right, you can see the main keynote for each line. For example, 1st line is all about Investigation. Any gate activated on its 1st line is actively investigating and studying its theme in order to find a secure foundation and become an authority on the subject. 

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Using gate 19 as an example (Wanting / Approach, Root center), person with 19.1 "Can investigate how best to get the support necessary to get what they need".

We will cover two lines in a class (1+2, 3+4, 5+6) and you will have an opportunity to speak about your activations in them, keynoting your chart and getting real-time feedback from the teacher as you go on.

This is how you first begin reading a chart, which is personal, engaging, exciting and also a lot of fun.

Illustrations from the course

The Course Structure

Access the lesson 1 in Members Area as soon as you sign up
First online class takes place on February 3rd
(see schedule)
Classes happen on Thursdays at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 5 pm UTC / 7 pm Central European

  • The course includes 8 lessons with over 5 hrs of total length. Lessons are released weekly and you can access them in the members area of the web.
  • Course also includes 8 online classes - each around 90-120 min long.
  • You can watch the lessons as videos in Members area, or download the audio & slides.
  • The following week, we meet in an online classroom (Zoom platform) to discuss the content, practice keynoting, share our experiences and receive personal feedback.
  • Online classes are times of live interaction, questions, sharing and support. We will be actively working with your charts.
  • After class 2, you will be invited to participate in study groups to have an opportunity for practicing your keynoting skils (working with your charts) and get feedback from fellow students.
  • The study group is a valuable additional resource that will help you to profoundly deepen your experience. Participation in study groups is voluntary.
  • The flip teaching format of recorded lessons & online classes greatly enhances your course experience.
  • The group energy and sharing supports you in your own process and experiment. The online classes are surprisingly personal and involving.

Dowloadable resources: audio recordings of all the lessons and classes & the visual slides, description of gates, channel names and other materials.

Prerequisites: Human Design Foundation Reading & participation in the LYD Course

The Rave ABC lessons in Members area are recorded by Jakub Stritezsky, an experienced Human Design professional and teacher with an intimate knowledge of the course curriculum.

Jakub Stritezsky

If you want to get a sense of Jakub's style,
watch his presentation at the Rave Marathon online even from 2021

Course Curriculum

Lesson release dates & content + the dates of online Classes.

Access the lesson 1 in Members Area as soon as you sign up
Classes happen on Thursdays at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 5 pm UTC / 7 pm Central European


Access the lesson 1 in Members Area as soon as you sign up
1st online class September 2nd

In-depth presentation about the Design and Personality - its juxtaposition and examples of what it means in different charts (45 min)

2LINES 1 & 2

Introduction to the Lines
In-depth presentation on Lines 1 & 2 with examples (45 min)

3 - LINES 3 & 4

Wednesday September 15th (All other classes on Thursdays)

In-depth presentation on Lines 3 & 4 with examples (41 min)

4 - LINES 5 & 6

In-depth presentation on Lines 5 & 6 with examples (36 min)


Introduction to the Circuit Groups
In-depth presentation on Collective circuit group + examples (35 min)


In-depth presentation on Individual circuit group + examples (31 min)


In-depth presentation on Individual circuit group + examples (35 min)


In-depth presentation on the Streams of Expression
& In-depth presentation on the Keynoting with examples (39 min)

Your teacher


In the spring of 2007 I was teaching an energy medicine course in Taiwan when a student of mine introduced me to Human Design. (That student was Jakub!) I recognized that Human Design might be one of those things that require my lifelong study. In December of 2007 Jakub gave me my first reading. I became more committed to following my response as an experiment, to see if I could trust what Human Design was telling me. In more recent years my response led me to train as an analyst with Human Design America as well as complete the training to become a Living Your Design Guide and then also Rave ABC teacher. Thank you to my teachers Jakub and Genoa for their support along the way in this process. 

I welcome you to join me on this Rave ABC class.  The world needs all the gifts and extraordinary talents of humanity. To recognize these gifts in yourself and in each other is an act of love and I am here for it! I live on the West Coast of Canada on Salt Spring Island. I look forward to meeting you wherever in the world you are!

What are Jakub's students saying
about his teaching style

I loved how you brought the students into the dialogue. You were warm and open to contributions, and I think you made everyone feel special. I have a renewed appreciation for the value of HD since starting the class. It was also wonderful to have Genoa’s Commentaries, as he has such a mystical approach to things that I really relate to. I really enjoyed being in the class and observing your teaching. You are a superb teacher and have a gift for drawing people out and class participation. HD needs more faculty talent like yours.
Marsha Madigan
Dear Jakub, the course was incredibly uplifting and awesome. I feel somehow accomplished, amused, and at peace with who I am and what's going on. Your patience, sense of humor, and ability to field all sorts of questions creates a relaxed classroom with a feeling of safety and enthusiasm. I really appreciate your teaching method, and your ability to handle everyone’s questions. It the right amount of polite and compassionate, informative and authoritative. I feel too like you address people in a way that makes sense for them. You’re a good instructor. Thank you.
Rebecca Rose
Dear Jakub, thank you so much for everything. After riding the over-excitement of being shown Human Design and studying on my own all videos, audios, Lynda's book, having 3 different readings etc., your LYD course was the best thing that could happen to me! It really made the difference to listen to such a beautiful, patient and clear expert and share the experience with others. No book or videos can substitute the felt sense of learning with someone that has lived their design for a while. The approach that you and Genoa have on really going deep into the essence of HD, how it is all energetically focused, how it is all an invitation to try it out and feel it on our own... made the click for me.
Dania Parente
I wanted you to know what a contribution your class has been to me. Your ability to communicate Human Design fundamentals with both clarity and ease is remarkable. The care and attention that you put into creating the recorded lessons really shows. In the live classes, you allow students to tap into your depth of knowledge and answer our questions with helpful insight and just the right amount of supportive guidance. I spent many months looking for the right place to begin a formal training in Human Design and after I watched your introduction on YouTube, I got my answer. Each new weekly lesson was exactly what I needed. I am deeply grateful to you for that and look forward to returning to study with you again.
Jamie Rich

You can read more student's feedback here.

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